The dark space ages

Long ago,Man discovered a means to traverse the stars,via manipulation of arcane energies. As he met his neighbors,The Dwarves,Elves,Orcs,Gnomes (and their inventions automatons),And Halflings,he shared this technology.

The planets formed “The Alliance of Worlds”,often shortened to “The Alliance”. A collective dedicated to exploration,and settlement of new worlds.Be it through diplomacy,or blood.

Some 3 decades after the birth of the alliance,the Orcs,a fierce and proud people,voiced their disdain for the exspansionist ways of the alliance by seceding. This started a bloody civil war that lasted for hundreds of years,only recently ending with a peace treaty, between the alliance and the Orcs.

A more recent threat to the Alliance are a race known as The Drow. a race from an unknown star system,who developed their own form of ftl travel,to escape their dying and over-harvested home world.The cruel and cunning “dark elves” invade and enslave any worlds that take their fancy. Recently this has been alliance worlds,which is the beginning of what the bards are calling “The Dark Elf Wars”. This is the age in which our intrepid heroes begin their story

Our heroes are in an elite drow hunting task force known as Naga ,named for a race of extinct reptilians,whom many archaeologists believe to be the first spacefarers,and the forefathers of civilization on all system planets

NAGA Space Pathfinder

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