NAGA Space Pathfinder

Session 5
April 24th

Phil- Steel Stone
Mike- Johnny Nova

Drinking, Gambling and Partying

Session 4
April 3rd

Phil- Steel Stone
Autumn- Trig

Lt 4 gold per day.

Begin with the Captain sending down 2 new officers to replace the injured officers. After transport notice that one of the officers “Stone” crapped his pants and told him to prestidigitation his ass. We see some fish people “Abe Sapian” with guns running towards us we notice they are yelling more of a warning than battle cry. Trig turns around and sees a hill in the dirt moving towards the snake we killed. A rhino type “land shark” comes up from ground. We dodge rocks that have come up from the shark breaking the ground. Stone Staggered the shark making it easier to kill.

After killing the shark and much debate Stone takes the wand heals me and himself.

Ask the captain if they could use the corpse of the snakes and land shark for research. they are the size of an escape pod. they are transported up. Krritas tries to skin the shark and dulls it. He gets yelled .

Trig gets a large scale (elbow to hand and wide (kite shield size) ) to bring as proof that we killed it. +2 diplomacy to talk to the fish people we figure that they live in the river. we see tracks but cant go into the water. Take the rope and wrap around the scale through it in

Important person and body guards after much talk we come to agreement that there are areas that they don’t use that we can use and are willing to trade land harvests and water harvests as they can not stay on land very long. hollow earth that they can go all the way there. gives me a leather jacket that looks like a grey greens skin ( Grinding ability).

Inform the captain of our success and are beamed aboard and Stone craps himself again. Moog runs the bar on the gives me a Dwarven Stout tell him its good but not great I tell him I can make better and make him a Trig Pai Stout so I get free stout for life at the bar.

Earned 56 gold for Lt Pay.

We find a world that has multiple civilizations mid evil but not space travel. it is a moon of a gas giant. faction that more federation like are the Orc.

We are beamed down in front of a wall. after much discussion we are given a escort and a sorcerer escort since we do not give up all our weapons. there city is pretty massive. These are human in appearance the queen asks us to teach us to move among the stars. Tell the captain and she discusses with uppers.

No Arcane magic also they have a cleric who blesses the glowing food and the color does change as our stomachs fill they begin to glow.

Other countries are barbarians and wolf people
We talk to the cleric about his magic his comes from their Lord Crow their Deity. there are countless number of deities. After hearing back the alliance nation of the Assimar.

Session 3
March 13th

We arrive at New Albion that has a force field.

Admiral Merek greets us Honor/ Leader in Orc on the wand.
We are all to get metals of courage by the queen this evening

We go off base to place there catman has tradeskill medal to sell our loot.
Johnny scares the crap out of a trades Lady asking for skins and buys a taxidermy star-squirrel and on a space skies.

Trig goes to the local tavern and help them with there drinks. They like it so much that Trig Pai IPA is new drink I get free Trig IPA for life at The Snakes Tongue Tavern.

Johnny makes some puppets

Mer-Gloth tries to use his tattoo first a kid and is sent off and then a Dwarf wants a star-squirrel on his Hairy Hairy Ass.

After 6 hours of goofing off AKA using our professions. We head to the queen promotes us to LT. and also get a badge of courage and a party has been planned in celebration of success.

Gnome Bartender gives me a great helping of Elven Brandy after finding out that Trig made the Trig Pai IPA that is at The Snakes Tongue Tavern and also thinks she is really hot. Get him back to my temporary quarters for some fun.

New Bridge Crew of the ANS Hermione who’s Captain Narrowway.
Told that we are heading to new uncharted area non Alliance and Drow space. Made our jump and am in orbit of the closest planet. slightly lower breath ability that New Albion. It is mostly jungles and oceans. No high intelligent creatures.

We prepare for away mission. Get down and it seems very Rain forest. Trees are carbon based sensiant creatures who speech and understand common but their intelligence is so low they could be trees.

We all head towards the volcano. Find a ruby red flower that is edible tastiest like strawberries.

Found a pile o crap leaving that there are animals on this planet. look for water nearby that is clear safe to drink. As we continue a white deerlike creatures and batlike run past. Large Snake creature attacks killing Mer-Gloth

We go back to the ship and put him in a pod and shoot into a star.

Session 2
Captains Log

Autumn-Trig Pai
Justyn- Oswald
Mike- Johnny Nova

Desert with 4 suns.
Stranded on planet find a cave in the desert with a fire that is smoldering. find

leather Scroll- Map for planet
Long swords made of bones
Dagger made of magma-+1 plus +D4 fire damage- Mergloth

There is a X(home) Trig tells us that we should head towards the Home to west. Swamp is towards the north and the cave we are in is to the east.

As we walk there are sands that start to sink and then stop seems to orbit us as we walk. Krritas smells something like rotten salmon and Mergloth says that he hears thoughts that say “eat off worlders”.

The creatures attack Johnny is grappled. Mergloth charms one of the creature and the others are killed he tells us of other 2 legged above ground people and says the ones that stayed in the cave left and headed towards the swamp but the swamp was not there when they started walking.

as we walk get to a river of magma 20 feet across 30 feet down. one mile down there it gets shorter so can jump across.

We approach the swamp area and see drow military boot marks in the mud also look with branchs bent like the trees have been climbed. Looks terraformed by Drow. Krritas and Trig down some drow hiding in the trees before we are all hit with blow darts and go unconscious. We awake in a cage in slave pens. Oswald/Johnny in one cage and Krritas, Mergloth and Trig in opposite cage. Many other cages filled with a variety of slave races.

They take our clothes and supplies. a fellow slave passes us some clubs to use to fight. Johnny escapes artist into the sewer to explore finds another hallway so he gets out of sewer and moon walks falls and turns on the alarm.

Mergloth turned my burlap into a gold bikini since I was not specific about what to change my burlap sack into. The riot begins and in different area Johnny acid/burning hands the 3 drows that found him in the hallway. mergloth sees the master switch to open the cages and we all attack.

Krritas finds the path for the bridge and we all head that way and see 3 drow. 2 security and acting captain.
Loot captain:
mw revolver
studded leather armor

Mergloth charms the security guards into thinking Oswald is the captain and have them reset the security codes so that we control everything. We need to get our loot back Johnny looks for armory and finds our supplies.

We take the ship up to see if we can salvage anything from the Naga ship that the Drow has destroyed. We find the remains just out of orbit no supplies, find some fuel crystals X10, We contact the Alliance and tell them that we now have a Terra forming Arc ship that belonged to the Drow. We are told to come to New Albion (earths moon) Alliance base to be reassigned and deliver the Arc to them.

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session 1

Our intrepid ensigns were sent,as an away team,to the sweltering,arid, surface of the planet Pyre. Intel showed that a Drow Ark had landed several days before, and it was the party’s mission to find it and sabotage it. Before the ark could be located, The away party was attacked by wolves made of sand, whom killed the higher ranking officer. When the party tried to contact the Naga, the ship was nowhere to be found. When next we see our intrepid recruits,they will deal with being stranded in a desert reportedly inhabited by vicious drow.


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