NAGA Space Pathfinder

Session 3

March 13th

We arrive at New Albion that has a force field.

Admiral Merek greets us Honor/ Leader in Orc on the wand.
We are all to get metals of courage by the queen this evening

We go off base to place there catman has tradeskill medal to sell our loot.
Johnny scares the crap out of a trades Lady asking for skins and buys a taxidermy star-squirrel and on a space skies.

Trig goes to the local tavern and help them with there drinks. They like it so much that Trig Pai IPA is new drink I get free Trig IPA for life at The Snakes Tongue Tavern.

Johnny makes some puppets

Mer-Gloth tries to use his tattoo first a kid and is sent off and then a Dwarf wants a star-squirrel on his Hairy Hairy Ass.

After 6 hours of goofing off AKA using our professions. We head to the queen promotes us to LT. and also get a badge of courage and a party has been planned in celebration of success.

Gnome Bartender gives me a great helping of Elven Brandy after finding out that Trig made the Trig Pai IPA that is at The Snakes Tongue Tavern and also thinks she is really hot. Get him back to my temporary quarters for some fun.

New Bridge Crew of the ANS Hermione who’s Captain Narrowway.
Told that we are heading to new uncharted area non Alliance and Drow space. Made our jump and am in orbit of the closest planet. slightly lower breath ability that New Albion. It is mostly jungles and oceans. No high intelligent creatures.

We prepare for away mission. Get down and it seems very Rain forest. Trees are carbon based sensiant creatures who speech and understand common but their intelligence is so low they could be trees.

We all head towards the volcano. Find a ruby red flower that is edible tastiest like strawberries.

Found a pile o crap leaving that there are animals on this planet. look for water nearby that is clear safe to drink. As we continue a white deerlike creatures and batlike run past. Large Snake creature attacks killing Mer-Gloth

We go back to the ship and put him in a pod and shoot into a star.


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