NAGA Space Pathfinder

Session 4

April 3rd

Phil- Steel Stone
Autumn- Trig

Lt 4 gold per day.

Begin with the Captain sending down 2 new officers to replace the injured officers. After transport notice that one of the officers “Stone” crapped his pants and told him to prestidigitation his ass. We see some fish people “Abe Sapian” with guns running towards us we notice they are yelling more of a warning than battle cry. Trig turns around and sees a hill in the dirt moving towards the snake we killed. A rhino type “land shark” comes up from ground. We dodge rocks that have come up from the shark breaking the ground. Stone Staggered the shark making it easier to kill.

After killing the shark and much debate Stone takes the wand heals me and himself.

Ask the captain if they could use the corpse of the snakes and land shark for research. they are the size of an escape pod. they are transported up. Krritas tries to skin the shark and dulls it. He gets yelled .

Trig gets a large scale (elbow to hand and wide (kite shield size) ) to bring as proof that we killed it. +2 diplomacy to talk to the fish people we figure that they live in the river. we see tracks but cant go into the water. Take the rope and wrap around the scale through it in

Important person and body guards after much talk we come to agreement that there are areas that they don’t use that we can use and are willing to trade land harvests and water harvests as they can not stay on land very long. hollow earth that they can go all the way there. gives me a leather jacket that looks like a grey greens skin ( Grinding ability).

Inform the captain of our success and are beamed aboard and Stone craps himself again. Moog runs the bar on the gives me a Dwarven Stout tell him its good but not great I tell him I can make better and make him a Trig Pai Stout so I get free stout for life at the bar.

Earned 56 gold for Lt Pay.

We find a world that has multiple civilizations mid evil but not space travel. it is a moon of a gas giant. faction that more federation like are the Orc.

We are beamed down in front of a wall. after much discussion we are given a escort and a sorcerer escort since we do not give up all our weapons. there city is pretty massive. These are human in appearance the queen asks us to teach us to move among the stars. Tell the captain and she discusses with uppers.

No Arcane magic also they have a cleric who blesses the glowing food and the color does change as our stomachs fill they begin to glow.

Other countries are barbarians and wolf people
We talk to the cleric about his magic his comes from their Lord Crow their Deity. there are countless number of deities. After hearing back the alliance nation of the Assimar.


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